Top ten carpet cleaning FAQs

If you have carpet, you probably have questions about it, especially about keeping it clean. Here are answers to the top carpet cleaning questions that you may have:

How often should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?

To keep your carpet looking its best, we recommend having your carpets cleaned professionally at least once per year. However, if your carpet gets a lot of wear, you may want or need professional cleaning more often.

Will my carpet soil faster after it’s cleaned?

Not if Rug Rover cleans it. Rapid re-soiling can occur when chemical residue is left in your carpet after a cleaning. We never run cleaning chemicals in our water lines, unlike many other services, which means your carpet is thoroughly rinsed and free of cleanser residue after we clean it.

What types of carpeting can Rug Rover clean?

We clean nearly every type of carpeting that you may have in your home or commercial space. We do not clean delicate rugs, such as Turkish or Oriental rugs or antique rugs, and we recommend that you take those items to a cleaning service specializing in care of those types of rug.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

It depends on the size of the area that needs to be cleaned, items in the space that need to be moved, shape of the space, and condition of the carpet, but generally, the process takes about 30 minutes per room.

Do I need to vacuum my carpet before it’s cleaned?

No, you do not need to vacuum before a cleaning; however, you can vacuum your carpet before a cleaning and if your carpet is particularly dirty, it can help speed up the cleaning process.

How long will it take carpet to dry after cleaning?

The carpet should be completely dry in eight to 24 hours after cleaning, depending on the type of carpet and environmental conditions.

Can you remove bleach stains from my carpet?

We have had success repairing bleach stains in carpeting. Not all bleach marks can be removed, however.

Can you remove pet stains from my carpet?

Absolutely! Pet stain and odor removal is part of our carpet cleaning service. Not all stains can be removed, but most can.

What happens if you can’t remove a stain from the carpet?

You have a couple of options: you can live with the stain or you can replace the carpet. This all depends on your preference, budget, and the size/location/appearance of the stain. Rug Rover now sells carpet from Shaw floors, so if you’re interested in replacing stained carpeting, we can show you some great options.

What type of carpet cleaning does Rug Rover do?

We do steam cleaning, which we find to be the most effective method for getting carpets clean. Some services do offer dry cleaning of carpeting, however, we do not.

Do you have any unanswered questions about carpet cleaning? Contact us for more information. Is it time for a carpet cleaning? Call Rug Rover today!