Carpet Cleaning

After decades of experience, we’ve perfected a carpet cleaning process that provides beautiful results for our clients. We ensure that no cleansers or chemicals are left behind once your carpet has been cleaned; we don’t run cleaning agents or chemicals in our water, unlike many other carpet cleaning services. Because residue from cleaning can attract and trap dirt, our method keeps your carpet from re-soiling quickly.

We pride ourselves on using only processes and materials which are effective and safe for your home. Rug Rover has both truck mounted and portable cleaning units to meet the needs of any floorplan.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Spare yourself the agony of scrubbing your bathroom floor with a toothbrush: our tile and grout cleaning outperforms hand-cleaning, with much less hassle to you. We inspect your space to determine the proper cleansing agent, then put our gentle yet effective cleaning agents to work removing the deepest-set grime and dirt.

Because grout is a porous material, it collects and absorbs dirt and liquids, making it nearly impossible to deep-clean by hand. Rug Rover’s specialized cleaning wands are specifically designed to easily and effectively clean grout and tile.

Upholstery Cleaning


Pet Stain and Scent Removal


Bleach Repair

Your furniture is also an important part of your home, and one that is often neglected when it comes to cleaning. For this reason, Rug Rover offers upholstery cleaning services to clean and restore your high-quality furniture to like-new condition. We have experience with numerous fabrics and materials, and will select the cleaning process that is right for your upholstery.

We all love our pets, but we can admit that they’re sometimes a mess. If you live with pets and want to remove pet stains in your carpet or furniture or reduce overall pet smell before you move out, Rug Rover can help. We’ve had great results with pet scent and stain removal, and can bring your carpet and upholstery back to its pre-pet state.

If a bleach stain has ruined your carpeting or couch cushion, don’t despair. We’re here to tell you that it can be done--Rug Rover offers bleach repair for carpet and upholstery. While not all bleach stains are reparable, we’ve found a way to repair bleach stains in many different materials.