You care about your home and your family, and your want to make sure they’re both clean, safe, and healthy. You know that part of keeping your home clean and looking it’s best means clean carpets, but want to make sure that no harmful chemicals are being used that could harm your family. Are carpet cleaning chemicals safe?


While all chemicals bear risk, the chemicals we use as cleaning agents are safe; if they weren’t, we wouldn’t use them, for the sake of our customers and our technicians, who are using these chemicals on a daily basis.

Additionally, we, and most other carpet services, will limit your exposure to chemicals during the carpet cleaning process--we’ll be cleaning the carpets, you’ll be somewhere else. Your exposure to the cleaning process will be minimal, so you’ll most likely never come into contact with any chemicals at all.

Another thing we do at Rug Rover to provide the best quality carpet cleaning service to our customers is run clean water lines. We do not run our cleaning agents through our water lines, unlike many of our competitors. That practice makes the cleaning process easier for the technician, but doesn’t provide the deepest clean; when chemical residue from cleansing agents is left in the carpet, it attracts dirt and allows the carpet to re-soil at an accelerated rate. That is why we never run chemicals in our water lines, and you can be sure that when Rug Rover cleans your carpeting, all chemical residue is removed.

Don’t neglect cleaning your carpets for a fear of carpet cleaning chemicals. Failing to clean your carpets can not only make your carpets dirty and unattractive, unclean carpets can harbor pollen, animal hair, and other allergens, bacteria, and pathogens which can affect your family’s health.


So to clear this up, once and for all, carpet cleaning chemicals are safe for your carpet and home, and if you’re using the right carpet cleaning service, you and your family will never come into contact with any chemical cleaning agents at all during the carpet cleaning process.

Rug Rover only uses the safest and most effective methods to clean your carpets, with no chemical residue left behind. Call today to schedule your carpet cleaning.