Fire your janitor: Why a cleaning service is a better choice for your business

No matter what your industry, you’re always looking for ways to make your business more competitive and your necessary spending more cost effective. There’s one way you can do this for your business that you may not have yet considered. It sounds harsh, but hear us out: fire your janitor. Switching from in-house janitorial or housekeeping staff to a commercial cleaning service is a better choice for your business; here’s why:

Salary and benefits cost

If you employ cleaning staff, you’re paying them either a salary or an hourly wage. The average salary in the U.S. for employees holding the job title Janitor is $27,800 per year; for Housekeepers, the average annual salary is $24,000. This does not include, of course, the cost of benefits such as medical, vision, and dental insurance and vacation time. Even if your cleaning staff only works part time, these costs could add up.

In contrast, a professional cleaning service will cost on average, approximately $10,000 per year; no salary, no benefits.

Supplies and storage

If you have a cleaning staff, your company will have to order and stock cleaning supplies, including cleaning implements and equipment (mops, brooms, vacuums, etc.) as well as cleaning chemicals. These supplies can be costly to purchase, especially if not purchased in bulk, and require storage space. With space at a premium, maintaining an inventory of cleansing agents and cleaning equipment might not be the most effective use of your space.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can eliminate this need, as the cleaning service will provide its own materials and equipment--freeing up your janitor’s closet for more pressing storage needs, and letting your office manager focus on ordering office supplies rather than cleaning supplies.

Aside from reducing your cost by eliminating salary, benefits, and cleaning supply and storage costs, hiring a professional cleaning service to replace your janitorial staff has other intangible benefits as well. With the cleaning service to handle all the details of keeping your space clean and managing cleaning staff, your time and attention can be on what’s important to you, your business.

We do what we do best, cleaning, so you can do what you do best. Rug Rover offers weekly cleaning services for commercial spaces; call today for a quote.

Josh Olson