When is it time for new carpet?

If you’ve had your carpet for a while, chances are that most of the time, it goes unnoticed. But because carpet is a walking surface, it takes a lot of use and abuse over the years, and it may be time to replace the carpeting you have. How do you know when it’s time for new carpet? Here are some questions you can ask to help you determine if new carpeting is in order:

How old is the carpet?

Like everything else, all good things must end; carpet isn’t an exception. Over time and use, carpet fibers break down, which can lead to rips, tears, and holes, as well as other types of damage. If your carpet is 10 years old, or older, it’s time to replace it. Additionally, after a decade, your carpeting will probably no longer be in style (we’re looking at you, shag carpeting)--another good reason to replace it!

Are there permanent stains?

If there are stains in your carpeting that can’t be removed, it’s probably time to replace it. The older carpet gets, the less resistant it is to staining and the more difficult stain removal becomes. Plus, your carpet has been subject to other ways in which the color could be altered, like fading from the sun, which, in addition to discoloration, can cause carpet fiber breakdown. Plus, covering up stains and faded patches with furniture isn’t a permanent or necessarily practical solution (if your toddler spilled grape juice in the hall, you can’t just put the couch over the stain, after all).

Are there any rips or tears?

Rips and tears mean a) that the carpet fibers are compromised and could rip or tear more, b) that the carpet padding beneath could become damaged, and c)  that things (physical objects as well as contaminants, allergens, or pathogens) could become trapped beneath the carpet--not to mention that rips and tears are unsightly.

Is the carpet padding breaking down?

If when walking on your carpet, you feel holes or tears in the carpet padding beneath, or areas where it feels like there is no carpet padding at all, it’s time to replace it, and the carpeting. Carpet padding reduced wear and stress on your carpet, so if the carpet padding is old or compromised, your carpet will break down much more quickly than is normal.

If your carpet is more than 10 years old, or you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time to replace your carpeting. While replacing your carpeting can seem like an expensive and disruptive project, in the end, it is a worthwhile endeavor to maintain the beauty of your home.

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